Grass Seed Troubles – credits to the lovely Miss Molly and Mr Loui

The lovely Miss Molly and Mr Loui presented to the clinic with grass seed troubles!

Loui presented with a sore squinty eye. Dr Tanya instilled some local anaesthetic into his right eye and found a grass seed embedded in his conjunctiva.
A special stain also revealed a superficial corneal ulcer. He is now comfortable, being treated with medicated eye drops and pain relief.

On the same visit his sister Molly presented with a sore left ear. Her ear was infected but was too painful to thoroughly examine.
She was admitted for sedation to further assess her ear. Sure enough, Dr Tanya found another grass seed deep down her ear canal! Molly was administered medicated ear drops and pain relief.

Unfortunately grass seeds are rampant during Spring.

We encourage regular checks of your pets for grass seeds – especially between the toes, under the arms and ears.

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