Meet the Team

The Mt Helena Veterinary team is here to provide the “best local care” to pets in the Perth hills region. We genuinely care about the health, welfare and comfort of your pets and find that our personal approach has meant that many patients are keen to walk through the door.

We always have the best interests of the pet in mind… in fact every decision is made in the best interests for our patients. This in combination with spending the time with our clients to explain and recommend best practice care has helped create a loyal clientele that happily trust us with their valued family member.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care and an elevated skill set ultimately benefiting the patient with the best possible outcome every time. For every surgery our patients are placed on intravenous fluids to maintain their blood pressure and protect their kidneys. We always have a dedicated nurse closely monitoring the patient during surgery and on recovery. We provide pain relief to every patient not to mention plenty of cuddles especially on recovery which absolutely always helps. 🙂

Our Veterinarians are experienced exclusively in small animal surgery and medicine and all our highly-skilled Nurses are registered with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Board. We make every effort to keep up to date with the best veterinary practice relevant to your pet’s needs.

Our team comes complete with a multitude of beloved furry, winged and scaly valued family members.

Dr Tanya Lovelock



Dr Tanya Lovelock is the full time senior veterinary surgeon and co-owner of Mt Helena Vet Clinic. Tanya grew up in the Perth Hills and studied Environmental Science at the University of W.A. She then moved to Melbourne to continue her studies completing her second degree being a Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Science at Melbourne University.

Tanya has extensive experience practicing in various clinics ranging from country clinics to the very busy inner-city Melbourne clinics.

Tanya moved back home in 2014 and has loved living and working back in the eastern hills of Perth since.

Although enjoying all aspects of medicine, Tanya has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and pocket pets and is delighted in the number of chickens and rabbits we see at Mt Helena Vet!

As often as she can, Tanya enjoys long walks with her fur baby Tilly the whippet.

Dr Christine Edwards

Dr Christine Edwards is one of our senior veterinary surgeons here at Mt Helena Vet Clinic.

Chris grew up on a sheep and wheat farm north of Perth, then went on to graduate from Murdoch University with her Veterinary degree in 1995.

Christine has extensive experience within the Veterinary field previously owning clinics of her own however now focuses her interest within the veterinary field specialising in surgery (including orthopedic surgery).

Christine really enjoys connecting with her clients and their pets and always finds it fascinating what can be learnt about the patient through their owner and their relationship with their pet.

Christine has two young children, two cats, one rabbit and a guinea pig. Christine has many outside interests, some of her favourite hobbies are permaculture, Yoga, Bush walking, reading and spending time with her family.

Please welcome Christine next time you see her in our Clinic taking the upmost professional care of your fur baby… 🙂

Dr Antonietta Killeen
BSc (Hons), BVMS (Hons)

Dr Antonietta Killeen is our third senior veterinary surgeon who graduated with honours from Murdoch Uni in 2007. Many of you may remember Antonietta who worked here at Mt Helena Vet Clinic from 2008 and stayed for 7 years. After a brief hiatus Antonietta is back with us, much to our, the many clients and patients delight!
Professional interests for Antonietta include feline medicine, endocrinology (the branch of physiology and medicine concerned with endocrine glands and hormones) and shelter medicine.
Antonietta used to be a metallurgist until the lure of vet medicine proved too strong. Other personal interests include (you guessed it) Cats!… spending time in nature, cooking for her family not forgetting constantly seeking for that perfect coffee! Antonietta has no pets at the moment but is hoping this will change very soon.

Dr Natalie Bowskill
DVM, Dip Ed

Dr Natalie Bowskill brings a wealth of experience working at MHVC for over a decade. She has enjoyed a varied and interesting career practising in many parts of Australia and abroad since her graduation from Murdoch University in 1985. In addition to her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Natalie also holds a Diploma of Education.

Lee Ferraro – Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

Lee began her career with animals 10 years ago which led to her becoming a qualified vet nurse.  She has worked at several clinics in the Perth region until finding her place here at Mt Helena.

Lee is very compassionate and loves the difference she can make to the care and treatment of every pet with a special interest in pain management and keeping all our sick patients as comfortable as possible. Lee is Pawsitively wonderful at it!!!

Lee is a proud fur parent to three lovable puppies – Destiny, Scruffy and Marley.

James Ward – Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

James has been a qualified and registered vet nurse for the last eight years. Having worked in the animal care industry for a total of twelve years.
He started off by volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Perth and eventually began working as a kennel hand at the cat haven while studying veterinary nursing.

Since graduating in 2010 he has gained a wide range of knowledge and skills working at several small animal clinics in Perth, including a clinic that has a focus on canine reproduction and also volunteering at a vet clinic in the cook islands… (rarotonga).

James is very passionate about Australian Native Animals as well as medical and surgical nursing. He is Dad to two cats named Cram and Coo… both of which came into care orphaned kittens at two weeks of age. James’ pawsome!!!

Sandee Tasou – Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

We have had the pleasure (and anyone of our clients who have met her) to have Sandee with us for the past two years on Saturdays gaining experience as a vet nurse all the while working else where during the week and completing studies. After all her hard work she will graduate to be a qualified vet nurse in the new year. Yey! AND she will continue to be with us as an employee, yipee!
Sandee has worked in pharmacy, (community and government) and bookkeeping to now following her dream job.

Sandee has a passion for ALL animals including exotics since she was young and is mumma bear to – Four birds – Larry, Dexter, Bruce and Shady – three which were rescued and one hand-raised from our clinic. Two dogs – Taizah and Diesel and Two rescue cats – Pauly and Rocket.

Michael Bennett – Practice Manager

Michael is co-owner of MHVC and comes with many years happily surrounding himself in the industry by being married to Dr Tanya.

Growing up in foot hills of Mt Baw Baw in a beautiful little Victorian country town of Willow Grove he was eager to travel and explore the world. Michael comes with a range of skills and experiences derived from his studies and careers in Hospitality/Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations/Sales and Small Business.

Michael has a genuine passion about providing an exceptional and elevated level of care to all our wonderful patients that enter through the door in company with providing the best possible customer experience for their owners. He loves meeting our clients when he can escape his lair – previously known as the office. 😉

Tilly Lovelock Bennett – owner of our lives 🙂 and we love it!

Tilly is the very much loved family member of the Lovelock Bennett family clan. One of Tillys chores each day is to decide which bed she will rest on depending on the weather, view point and generally how she is feeling at the time. She loves walks through the many tracks that Perth Hills provide and loves a cow ear from time to time… yum yum