A little History about the Practice Premesis –

Our practice is a beautiful and historic premises in Mt Helena and the former Greenmount Roads Board building that was the original office of the Mundaring Shire Council in (1906).


The practice premises has a very interesting history. The practice premises is an historic building. It is over one hundred years old and was the site of the first Mundaring Shire council meetings.

In fact, it is the oldest brick building in Mt Helena. The current waiting and reception area was originally built as a two room office. In 1906, following a referendum of shire ratepayers, it was decided that the Greenmount Road Board office should be constructed in Lion Mill (Mt Helena). The foundation stone was laid on Friday November 30 1906 and construction took just one month. The board held their first meeting there on January 8 1907.




The last Road Board meeting Old newspaper photoin the building was held on June 2 1925. It then was sold and became a butcher shop, general store and private residence. At one time there was a petrol pump at the front. However, the underground tank was inadvertently dug into a spring. When the tank floated and popped out of the ground it was turned into a well. The property was the home of well known local resident Ernie Buckland until he passed away in 1995. In 1997 the veterinary clinic was established.



The foundation stone has since been removed and is currently exhibited at the Mundaring Museum.

If you have any information or related stories then we would be very interested in hearing from you. We are particularly interested in any old photos that include the building or its surrounds.

For more information about local history we recommend “MUNDARING A History of the Shire” by Ian Elliot. This is for sale from the Mundaring Shire office. The chapter on Mt Helena includes several references to our building.



We have undertaken major rennovations in 2007 and 2016 with improvements including a second consult room to reduce wait times and cater better for all our furry friends. There are still more improvements underway and will be welcomed over the coming months.