4cyte Forte Feline formula is finally here!

A very exciting announcement for all our senior kitties!

4cyte Forte Feline formula is finally here! You may be familiar with 4cyte, as it has been around for many years for the treatment of arthritis in both dogs and horses. It is a safe, natural and effective over-the-counter treatment for arthritis pain, containing the ingredient Epiitalis. Epiitalis has been scientifically proven to stimulate healthy cartilage and suppress the chemicals responsible for poor joint function and the progression of arthritis. It has been specifically designed to be palatable to cats, and is formulated as a once daily gel which can be mixed into their food.

Arthritis often goes unnoticed in our feline friends, compared to species such as dogs, as they are often better at hiding the signs. It is important to look out for the subtle symptoms in our older cats, with 90% of cats over 12 having evidence of arthritis on x-rays! The most common symptoms seen in cats are:

–          Reduced grooming behaviours, particularly around the tail base area

–          Litter tray mishaps

–          The general appearance of ‘slowing down’

–          Aggression when touched or picked up

–          Weight loss and poor appetite

–          Reluctance to jump off furniture, and when jumping up onto furniture often uses lower objects as a launching pad onto the higher areas

–          Reluctance to climb stairs

–          Sleeping more and playing less

So, if you think your senior cat may be showing some of the signs of arthritis, head on down today and try this new product! It is over the counter, meaning no vet consultation is required to purchase. However, if you are concerned about significant arthritis in your cat, one of our vets would love to see you and create a comprehensive pain relief plan for your cat.

To book an appointment with one of our friendly team members please call 08 9572 1777.

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