The much loved and beautiful Samantha is our Story of the month

The much beloved 2-year-old Labrador cross Samantha found herself in a life threatening situation
when she had an altercation with a snake.

Her fast-thinking owner Liam rushed her directly to the clinic after finding her collapsed with the snake.
Samantha wasn’t respondent and was rapidly losing the ability to breath by herself– the paralysing effect of the snake venom.


Dr Tammy and the team placed an endotracheal tube down her airway and manually ventilated her with oxygen.
She required 3 vials on anti-venom and a lot of support to counter the effects of the snake venom.


Thankfully, she responded to treatment and was transferred for monitoring overnight to the
emergency centre. She returned to the clinic the following morning for re-assessment, and we found
she still had prolonged blood clotting times. She was kept rested and restricted and has now made a
full recovery.

Great job Liam for your quick response and to the rest of the family for keeping her safe while she recovered!


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