MHVC Story of the Month – Chilli Taylor

Chilli is a very sweet 13-year-old FS Dachshund who presented to Dr Jaime with a prominent irritated

On examination she was found to be blind in her left eye. Her eye was painful with increased
pressure within the eye – a condition called glaucoma. Glaucoma can result from the outflow of fluid
from the eye being blocked by an abnormal drainage angle. It can also be secondary to inflammation
of the eye (uveitis), lens luxation or growths inside the eye.
Unfortunately, her left eye could not be saved
but she was started on medication to prevent the development of glaucoma in her right eye.

Dr Tanya performed surgery on Chilli to remove her
painful left eye. She recovered beautifully and is now pain free and adapting well to vision in only
one eye.


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