Harry our Story of the Month AND winner of MHVC Dental Care Prize Pack

The delightful six year old kitty, Harry, presented for his teeth to be cleaned recently. He had a moderate amount of tartar on his teeth, but it wasn’t until his teeth were cleaned under an anaesthetic that they could be thoroughly examined.

Four teeth were found to have resorptive lesions. This is a progressive destruction of the tooth root resulting in slowly deepening “holes” in the tooth. Once sensitive parts of the tooth are exposed, these lesions become intensely painful and the tooth needs to be removed.

Its important to note that many cats do not display signs of dental disease even though they are in pain. Some may become finicky eaters, drool or paw at their mouths.

The best way to prevent dental disease is to reduce the rate at which plaque and tartar builds up on the teeth.

There are special dental diets, water additives and treats that can reduce tartar accumulation.

Ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

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