What was the Stunning Siamese Snow’s Sniffle all bout?

The stunning little Siamese “Snow” came to see Dr Tammy a couple of weeks after she was adopted into her furrever home.

She was unfortunately suffering from a nasty upper respiratory infection and was quite unwell.
She had the typical discharge from her nose, watery eyes and sneezing that we would associate with having a cold or the flu.

Cats rely on their smell a lot for eating so it is very common for cats with flu-like symptoms to stop eating. This was the case for poor “Snow” who wasn’t eating or drinking much.

Being so tiny it is very easy for kittens in particular, to become dehydrated, which in turn makes them feel a lot worse.

Snow was admitted for some IV fluids and medications to help treat the respiratory infection.


Fortunately all her blood results came back normal and she was soon feeling much better.

She continues to delight us when she comes in for her check ups!

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