Piggy – Our February Story of the Month 2019 :)

Piggy is a gorgeous Staffy Cross, who presented to our clinic as she was lethargic and drinking and urinating excessively.

On her physical examination Dr Tanya was suspicious that Piggy had a condition named pyometra which she confirmed on ultrasound. Pyometra is a life threatening condition where the uterus becomes infected resulting in accumulation of pus within the uterus.

Piggy was stabilised and given pain relief before being taken straight through to emergency surgery for removal of her uterus.

At this time, the infection from her uterus had leaked through a tear in the uterus into the abdomen, which adds more risk to her recovery.

Thanks to the great work of Dr Jaime Piggy came through her surgery with flying colours! Piggy has made a full recovery from her surgery and is back to her old self again.

For more information on desexing visit our website or call one of our friendly staff on 9572 1777.

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