Skin and Ear

Our veterinary team at Mt Helena Veterinary Hospital (MHVH) have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to treating skin and ear diseases.  The most common conditions we see are itchy skin, rashes, ear problems, skin lumps, nail problems, scooting (itchy bottom) and paw licking. We diagnose the underlying cause of these problems and put them into specific categories – allergies, infections (bacterial, yeast, fungal), mites, immune-mediated conditions, wounds, and cancer.  Once diagnosed, we can then proceed with appropriate treatment options and implement long term strategies for control and prevention in the future.

Diagnosing Skin and Ear Problems

The first step to diagnosis is to perform a thorough examination during your pets consultation. We are qualified and able to perform a range of tests which enables us to define your pets problem.


Treatment and Management of Skin and Ear Problems

There are many different options for treatment both medically and surgically.  When deciding the best option, we take into account the practicality of medicating with tablets, creams or shampoos (even if we are willing to do this, your pet may have different ideas!), how effective each is likely to be, and also the cost of these medications. At MHVH we always take the time to discuss treatment options with pet owners, explaining the benefits or drawbacks of each, and together come up with a treatment and management plan which works and which will be sustainable over a longer period of time because ear and skin problems are often ongoing or reoccurring issues.