Mt Helena Vet’s Senior Pet Package – this June!

Senior Pets need care too!

Dogs and Cats age more quickly than we do and they are most likely older than you think.

Finding problems early improves longevity and quality of life for your pet.

Seniors at Seven!

Like us, each year we like to ensure we do our best to enable our Senior Pets enjoy many warm and comfortable winters ahead.

How do we do this?
We do this by implementing the Seniors Care Program each June. It sounds simple however this promotion yields many benefits for both you and your pet.


Program Benefits:

  1. Allows the opportunity for early detection and treatment of disease

  2. Early detection of disease often gives us more effective and less costly treatment options

  3. Opportunity to maintain health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years

  4. Helps establish normal baseline values for your pet, creating a point of comparison for the future

  5. Peace of mind that you have provided the best care for the health and wellbeing of your pet in their senior years


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10 Common Health Problems In Senior Dogs…

  1. Lumps and Growth

  2. Degenerative Joint Disease

  3. Heart Murmurs or Heart Disease

  4. Hepatitis or Liver disease

  5. Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease)

  6. Hypothyroidism

  7. Periodontal disease or Dental disease

  8. Canine cognitive dysfunction

  9. Obesity

  10. Diabetes


For more information on early warning signs of aging and age related diseases in Pets. Click here


What is in our senior testing?

Your pet’s complete senior testing program includes:

  1. A thorough and extended physical examination. It is the most important part of the senior care program. Your veterinarian will assess all body systems to check for any abnormalities.

  2. All lumps, bumps and arthritis and potential of these will be thoroughly explored to help with early detection and treatment.

  3. Blood chemistry tests measure levels of various substances in the blood and diagnose diseases such as diabetes, and liver and kidney failure.

  4. A comprehensive blood panel with a complete blood count (CBC) and Hematology which provides a detailed look at the blood itself and helps our doctors diagnose anemia or infection.

  5. A urinalysis gives information on kidney function and checks for urinary tract infections.

  6. During the eye exam the veterinarian will look for evidence of cataracts, retinal bleeding, degeneration, inflammation, or detachment.

  7. FeLV/FIV testing may be recommended for senior cats at an extra charge if deemed necessary. This tests for the feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses, which can suppress the cat’s immune system and lead to secondary infections, anemia, and even cancer.

  8. Weight and arthritis check

  9. Dental assessment and

  10. Cardiac monitoring

All for just $275 –  Over 20% Saving!

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Wellness for the older pet – 

Important facts about senior testing

An aging pet’s organs gradually deteriorate and may lose their ability to function properly. We use senior testing to promote early detection and treatment of disease, so we can maintain health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years. Early detection of disease often gives us more effective and less costly treatment options. Senior testing helps establish normal baseline values for your pet, creating a point of comparison for the future.

What pets should take part in senior testing?

We recommend senior testing for all senior pets.

How often should elderly dogs come in for a check-up?

We recommend that senior dogs come in for routine check-ups every 6-12 months. Six monthly is ideal, but 12 months should always be considered to be the minimum.

The main consideration to be aware of with elderly pets is that any small condition can escalate quite quickly.

Therefore, a check-up every 6 months when they are in their later years, is certainly sensible.

Early prevention and detection is key to providing your pet with a happy, healthy life, so you can enjoy their company for as long as possible.

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I’d like my pet to participate in the Senior Care Program. What do I do?

Call us to arrange a day for your pet to receive his or her testing. Please withhold food from your pet for three hours prior to your consultation so we can get an accurate blood sample. Make water available for your pet as usual.


Is my pet a senior? (Seniors at Seven)

If your pet is 7 years old or older, we consider him or her senior. Your pet may seem healthy well into its senior years. However, many problems common to senior pets (like kidney or heart failure) may not present symptoms until your pet becomes seriously ill. A comprehensive senior care program helps your veterinarian identify problems early enough to institute preventive healthcare measures.