This month’s story is of the delightful Ali, who, at 11 years of age, came in for her Senior Check Up.


Each June is Senior Month (a senior patient is regarded as 7 years of age and above) here at Mt Helena Family Vet, which means our very important older patients get a full examination, along with blood and urine tests.
It is a great opportunity to pick up early changes such as lumps, arthritis, dental issues and liver and kidney problems.
Not only this, normal results mean we have a baseline for future tests and can more accurately assess how long a problem has been going on for.

Ali’s examination showed she had some soreness in her back legs, and some plaque build up on her teeth. Fortunately her test results were all normal.

Following her examination, she came in to have radiographs done of her back legs, and a dental treatment under anaesthetic.
Her radiographs showed some arthritis in her hips and knees, for which she has been started on 4cyte (a joint supplement) and daily anti-inflammatory medication.

Her teeth were cleaned and she had one tooth removed due to a resorptive lesion (a hole in the tooth, quite common in cats).
She is recovering well from her procedure and is back to her normal cheeky self!

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