The handsome Gizmo – MHVC Story of the Month

The very handsome Gizmo, a 15 yr old Male Neuted (MN) cat has been managed by Dr Tanya for low grade renal (kidney) disease.

On a recent examination his teeth were noted to have tartar buildup and required treatment. Dental hygeine is particularly important for Gizmo as inflammation and infection associated with dental disease can impact his kidneys.

Due to Gizmo having low grade renal disease he was admitted early on the morning of his procedure for IV fluid therapy to ensure he was fully hydrated prior to his dental. He was monitored very closely under his anaesthetic (as every surgery is) by a dedicated pre, during and post surgery nurse.

Dr Tammy scaled and polished his teeth and performed a thorough examination after all the tartar was removed. She found two teeth with resorption lesions – this is a process in which the tooth structure breaks down and can be very painful.  These teeth were extracted and his gums sutured closed.

Gizmo has now recovered well from his procedure and happily back enjoying the life he is accustomed to  🙂 ……

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