The very lovely Ella – Story of the Month

Meet Ella

The very lovely Ella presented to the clinic with a history of lethargy and losing interest in her food.

On physical examination with Dr Jaime she was painful in her abdomen. Bloods were collected and she was diagnosed with a condition called Addison’s disease.

This disease results from a deficiency in the production of corticosteroid hormones from the adrenal glands. Initially this disease can have symptoms that may not be obvious and may wax and wane.

Eventually if left untreated it will lead to a phenomenon known as an Addisonian crisis where the animal collapses in shock.

Ella was admitted to hospital the following morning for treatment with Dr Tanya. Within 24 hours of IV fluid therapy and medications to correct her imbalance Ella was feeling a lot more comfortable.

She was started on a monthly injection to replace the missing hormone and is now well managed and back to her cheerful self.

Well done to Ella’s parents for recognising Ella was not herself and bringing her in to the clinic for treatment. A wonderful outcome to a potential life threatening disease if left untreated.

It’s great to see Ella smiling again!!

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