Alfie – Our Story of the Month – May 2019 :)

Alfie is a lovable Border Collie who presented unwell to the clinic late last year. His blood and urine tests confirmed a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

This is a disease resulting in the failure of the pancreas to regulate blood sugars. It causes symptoms such as increased thirst and appetite, excessive urination and weight loss.

Alfie receives daily injections to control the disease and a special diet. Unfortunately, Alfie developed a common complication of diabetes – cataracts (cloudy lenses).

In fact, 75% of dogs develop cataracts and blindness in both eyes within 9 months of being diagnosed
with diabetes.

Alfie was referred to a specialist ophthalmologist and underwent surgery to remove the
cataracts in both of his eyes.

He now has great vision and is doing very well. :))

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  1. That’s fantastic. Lucky for Alfie he came to such a wonderful and thorough vet clinic. Well done guys. Keep up the great work.

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