Molly!! our Super Cute ‘Pet of the Month’ for May 2018



Miss Molly and Miss Poppy decided to go on an adventure whilst their mummy was absent from home for a short time.

As much as these two are little cuties, it turned out that they were partners in crime. Miss Molly is known for her climbing, and decided that the very large block of chocolate on the kitchen bench was going to be her new mission.

Miss Molly was not greedy, and shared with her little sister Miss Poppy who over endulged in the delight.

Quick thinking from their adoring mummy she quickly brought them down to our clinic.

The girl’s were both given medication to help rid the chocolate from their system, Miss Poppy clearly showed she over endulged a little more than her sister. Both girls went to an Emergency hospital for overnight care, next day they both returned home happy, healthy and none the wiser the drama they had caused their parents.

These two girl’s are very much loved both by their parents and all the staff at MHVC and especially Nurse Lee 💜💛.

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