Early warning signs of aging and age related diseases in Pets.


As your pet owner, you are in the best position to look out for the early warning signs of aging and age related diseases. Some signs that may require attention include:


  1. Discomfort on rising or after exercise

  2. Change in appetite

  3. Weight loss or gain

  4. Loss of toilet training

  5. Excessive drinking and/or urination

  6. Bad breath, plaque, or bleeding gums

  7. Confusion or disorientation

  8. Persistent cough

  9. Change in sleep patterns

  10. Appearance of lumps and bumps


The good news is that the life expectancy of our older pets is increasing. This is due to an emphasis on preventative healthcare programmes which detect problems early so treatment can start sooner, advances in veterinary medicine and a greater understanding of nutritional needs throughout different life stages.

For information on our Senior Care Program Click here!

I’d like my pet to participate in the Senior Care Program this June. What do I do?

Call us to arrange a day for your pet to receive his or her testing. Please withhold food from your pet for three hours prior to your consultation so we can get an accurate blood sample. Make water available for your pet as usual.

For more information or to make an appointment for your pets senior wellness check contact one of our friendly team on 95721777.