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Seniors Month has been extended into July!!

As you're a pet owner, you are in the best position to look out for the early warning signs of aging and age related diseases.

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We are here to provide the best local care for your family pet. We have the best puppy classes, proactive and up do date vets, emergency and critical care, 24 hour service, geriatric care, health and wellness check-ups, pet microchipping, surgery, vaccinations and a lot more.

Call us on 9572 1777.


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One for the Oldies... -- Tuesday, July 05 2016
Get a full exam and comprehensive blood test for just $169. More than $230 value. Call 9572 1777 now.
Dental Month -- Tuesday, July 14 2015

August is Dental Month

Pets need dental care too! We are offering specials on dental care in August to raise awareness of this often overlooked part of pet health care.

Dogs and cats often s...
The Nonhuman Rights Project -- Thursday, May 14 2015
Natalie and I went to UWA this week to listen to a lecture by Steve Wise, a US attorney who founded the Nonhuman Rights Project. He says he is not interested in animal welfare. But he has every inter...
Can bandicoots give fleas to pets -- Friday, January 09 2015
We are often asked to help sick and injured bandicoots. They are sometimes burdened with fleas and we wondered if they were dog or cat fleas that had adapted to living on bandicoots. So we sent some s...
Parrot behaviour and training with Rachel Riley -- Sunday, December 14 2014
Rachel Riley gave a wonderful presentation to our clients with lots of practical guidance on parrot training. Here are some recordings from the event.
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